Sexual Activity and How It Differs for Men of Different Age?

Most women are convinced that men have the same needs in sexual relationships. This opinion is wrong. Every man’s desires are special. The views of men on this subject depend on their age category. How does male sexuality change depending on age and what to expect in bed from your lover when he turns 20, 30, 40 years old?

Men's sexual life and aging

Male sexuality at different ages

20-30 years – the top of sexuality

This time can be called the time of trial and error. In this age, changing their sexual partners, men gain experience, which increases their self-confidence and self-esteem. Men of this age want to learn something new and unknown. Accordingly, it is very important to have a diverse intimate life. This can include, for example, role-playing games and everything associated with them. And it is very important to convey your admiration for the partner – enjoying his behavior, actions, appearance, figure, clothing, etc.

30-40 – the time of choice

In this period of life, sexual relations are more of a non-priority. In this age category, a man begins to focus on the fact that his life is more important, he evaluates goals and needs. Therefore, first of all, he looks at a partner’s intellectual abilities. Thus, we can conclude that clothing is no longer the key to attracting attention. The most important thing is the soul, the mind, the ability to speak and listen, to be a good interlocutor. Therefore, it is very important to be a friend in a relationship with a person of this age category. In this age, the representative of the stronger sex has already decided for himself what he expects from the environment, and, of course, he knows what kind of woman he needs. The main thing is to understand what the person is expecting from you, whether you can meet the requirements and expectations. It is not so simple to play someone else’s role.

As for sex life, everything is already defined, there are well-established needs and desires. Therefore, there is no need to invent anything any longer. You just need to find out the taste of your beloved.

Over 45

This is the age when sexual desire begins to decline. Therefore, you must create a certain atmosphere for an intimate relationship. Take time and place so that you can be together, feel each other, catch the appropriate mood. Also, it is necessary to observe a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a woman should stimulate the needs of men in a healthy lifestyle. Sexual relationships also need to be regular because long breaks are not recommended. It is sometimes very difficult to renew relations of this nature, so you’d better not to allow it.

In this age period, there is no past passion, so it is necessary to change the little things that at first glance seem not so significant. It may be languid glances, sighs, hugs, it all depends on your imagination. You just need to add a kind of “zest” to instill the eternal sense.

It is also worth noting that a man over 45 years feels that his craving for erotic relationships is not the same. This can affect the actions, behavior, desires. So, again, it is very important to admire his form, appearance, his strength and of course sexuality. Encourage all kinds of desires of your man and contribute to try something new.

Remembered that life is not completed after the age of 45, on the contrary, this is the time when new opportunities open up before you, the opportunity to start living anew. If you try something new, your relationship will not fade but will only become stronger. Read more tips to boost your sex life.

The average frequency of sexual intercourse

Kinsey Institute, studying the sexual behavior of a person, conducted opinion polls.

  • It turned out that the highest frequency of sexual acts falls on 20–32 years. At this age, guys have sex on average twice a week. In the initial stages of a relationship, during a honeymoon, sex happens every day;
  • The frequency of sex is reduced by the age of 40 – on average, 1.6 times a week. This is due to the birth of children, the inability to make love whenever a man wants;
  • At the age of 40-50, men are seized with routine. The frequency of intimacy decreases due to a decrease in sexual desire. At the age of 45, hormonal changes begin in women and men. In the age group, the frequency of sex is 5.7 times per month or 1.3 per week;
  • After 50, desire persists, but the situation is complicated by the presence of various diseases. In the age group 50–60 years, the average intensity of sex is several times a month.

If the reasons for quick sex lie in mental health, then you need to make a visit to a psychotherapist. The doctor will prescribe antidepressants, teach you to relax, instill confidence in your own strength, help to overcome the complexes. If you want to increase potency, you can also try special condoms, lubricants, traditional medicine, drugs (such as Viagra online Canada).

Remember, each couple chooses the appropriate duration of sexual intercourse based on personal preferences, physical and mental health, age. A harmonious relationship requires regular sex with an individually selected frequency and duration that satisfies both partners.