15 Foods That Help Your Sexual Life

15 Foods That Help Your Sexual Life

Male power is a fragile thing, various factors can weaken it: stress, ecology, fatigue. But there is good news – to improve men’s health, you can use a special diet. Male potency can be seriously affected by various reasons: psychological discomfort, age, prolonged abstinence, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits. Of course, to improve erection, you should begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, stop being nervous, gain spiritual comfort. But this is not always possible. Do not get upset: there are special foods that increase potency in men.

How it works

Foods that increase male potency not only enhance erectile function but also increase libido. Do not think that the list of such products will include only exotic dishes: most of them can be found in a regular store.

Potency is improved by those foods that are rich in zinc, selenium, vitamins and microelements. It is also important to consume protein – a man needs a lot of this macronutrient for success in the bedroom.

An important role is played by the way the products are cooked. Try not to overdo them on the stove: the longer the food is processed thermally, the less nutrients there remain. Vegetables are generally best served in the form of fresh salads, seasoned with vegetable oil.

The list of products is so large that you can plan a whole menu for a week and never repeat it. Such nutrition will also benefit you: vegetables, spices, fish – all this promotes not only testosterone production but also beauty and health.

Top 15 foods that increase the potency in men

Here is a list of foods that will help you quickly regain your libido. But do not expect instant results – many useful substances need time to accumulate in the body and begin to have a beneficial effect on potency.


“King’s grass” – this is how they called basil in ancient times. And kings could always boast of excellent male health – even old men became fathers. So add fresh basil to the salad, and season the meat with dried basil.


This fragrant green very quickly increases the level of testosterone – the man is ready for making love three hours after the meal. In addition, the regular use of parsley has a general health-improving effect on the male body: the work of the intestine and the thyroid gland improves.

Dark chocolate

Fans of dark chocolate can always boast a good erection, so offer this delicacy to your man. Eating chocolate increases the level of endorphins – the hormones of joy, creates a sense of calm and security. All this has a very positive effect on interest in the opposite sex.


Since ancient times, people have known the properties of ginger – a powerful aphrodisiac. It has an evocative sensuality effect, and it also tones and helps rejuvenate. So a cup of tea with ginger is what you need before the night of love.

Hot red pepper

Traditional medicine recommends eating fresh hot red pepper – dried seasoning is not as effective. After the meal, the man will feel a surge of strength and confidence – the most correct attitude for the successful night.


The aroma of vanilla is almost synonymous with comfort and warmth, so this spice is the best to relieve nervous tension and stress. If your man is prone to these misfortunes, then treat him with a light vanilla dessert.


This nut contains a huge amount of vitamin E, which is also called the “vitamin of youth”. So regular use of almonds literally rejuvenates the body from the inside – the potency will be the same as in 20 years. There is one condition – the almonds must be eaten raw and not fried.


Looking for products that increase male potency quickly? Walnut is just such a product. This nut is rich in zinc and magnesium, which are involved in the production of testosterone. Besides, amino acids contained in walnuts neutralize the negative effects of alcohol and tobacco.


The month after the wedding is called “honey” because honey helps to prolong an erection. In addition, regular use of honey helps to improve the quality of sperm. A general strengthening effect and increasing immunity is a nice bonus.

Oysters and mussels

The celebrated lover Casanova began his day with mussels and oysters. Exotic mollusks are a product that increases potency almost instantly. They are rich in selenium and zinc. These are substances that increase the activity of sperm and are involved in the production of testosterone.


Many years ago, Singaporean scientists proved the benefit of bananas for male potency. A group of men who participated in the study noted that regular consumption of bananas led to an increase in sexual desire. Potassium and magnesium, which are abundantly contained in these yellow fruits, help to increase stamina and strengthen the heart.


Oranges are rich in antioxidants, and vitamin C, which is contained in these fruits, improves the blood supply of the cavernous body. In addition, the regular use of oranges and orange juice makes a person energetic and vigorous.


Lemons are rich in vitamin C and group B, as well as vitamin D. All these vitamins are vital for humans, lack of them causes apathy, weakness, and even depression. Add lemon to your tea, sprinkle a salad of fresh vegetables with the juice of this fruit. Also, lemon is useful for the prevention of testicular cancer and improves the quality of sperm.


Italians are famous for their temperament. Do you know their secret? They add garlic to each meal. Garlic increases testosterone production, which means it has a beneficial effect on potency and libido.


French men are also not lagging behind – people talk about their male power around the world. The secret is simple – they regularly eat onion soup, which has a powerful effect on potency. This dish is very light, but it has an instant effect on the libido.

What else will help restore potency?

Now you know which products increase the potency in men, but how else can you help a man to feel young again? We need sports, light and weight loss.

Cardiac loads are good for the heart and blood vessels, but this does not mean that you need to run to the gym. A walk in the park or just a couple of stops walked on foot perfectly improve sexual function. And lovers of swimming can go to the pool – it will be useful not only the heart but also for the back. Or maybe a man likes table tennis? He can play with his wife because joint hobbies strengthen the marriage.

If a man has excess weight, it will negatively affect erections. Therefore, he should lose extra pounds – it will be useful not only for the reproductive system but also for the general condition of the body.

Light is an important component of men’s health because without light the man’s body begins to produce the hormone melatonin, which signals that it is time to go to sleep and blocks sexual desire. So, men should spend more time outside more often, open the curtains and turn on a bright light in the evening – this will improve intimate life much faster.