Various Ways, Which Will Help Keep Male Power For A Long Time

In a perfect world, no one has ever heard about the problems of an intimate nature, but, alas, in our dimension, the risk of encountering them is much higher than we would like.

Fortunately, reduced libido can be increased, and poor potency can be improved. Even if you do not complain about your sexual health at the moment, we advise you to listen to several tips that will significantly increase the chances of keeping male power for a long time.

Various Ways, Which Will Help Keep Male Power For A Long Time

22 tips on how to increase male libido and improve potency

We will begin with two basic concepts. So, libido is a term that means your sexual desire. That is how easy and fast you get excited and become ready for sexual intercourse. Potency means the physical ability to make love. In simple words, the libido is responsible for your “I want”, and the potency – for “I can.” How to increase libido and improve the potency in men?

Reduce stress

Stress, fatigue, physical and emotional stress are one of the main enemies for your potency. If there is a terrible situation at work, which you haven’t yet figured out how to solve, then problems in sex will be quite logical and natural. Therefore, learn to relax, switch, calm down, meditate – and then the desire will return to you.

More iron

Iron is necessary for oxygen to enter the cells, and reduced libido may be one of the symptoms of a deficiency of this element in the body. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to add to the diet such foods rich in iron as liver or beef, as well as raisins and beets, which will help you replenish iron stores.

Limit carbs

Carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy for humans, but only when you consume them in moderation. When you consume too many of them, there is a risk of not only getting fat but also facing a deterioration in sex life. The most insidious foods that can damage your libido are soda, sausage, white bread and fried potatoes. Of course, all of the above is very tasty, and you don’t want to say goodbye to these products at all. We offer a compromise: use them less often and in moderation. And replace white bread with bran or rye – believe me, they are not worse.

Watch for sugar consumption

Excess sugar leads to weight gain, the risk of developing diabetes, and even to intimate problems. Some scientists argue that our body does not have a special need for sugar, and meanwhile, over the last century, its level of consumption has increased 20 times. The way out: reduce the consumption of confectionery and eat fruit more often. If you cannot live without chocolate, then give preference to black one: it is more natural and healthier.

Variety can help you

Sometimes the desire is killed by boredom and routine. They do it so gradually and imperceptibly, that you may not even notice when the problem occurred. Try to add variety to your sex life and it is quite possible that the problem of weakened libido will disappear.

Drink olive oil

We could just say that it is useful, but you most likely want to know what it is. There are several reasons. First, this type of oil improves blood circulation. Secondly, the oleic acid contained in it helps the proper functioning of the liver, which is responsible for the processing of estrogens, the increased level of which adversely affects the potency. And, finally, it was highly appreciated and constantly used by the ancient Greeks, and they, as you remember, were very smart guys.

Drink the “right” teas

We all want to drink from time to time. We agreed to drink soda as little as possible, and alcohol is not suitable for frequent thirst quenching. Therefore, during the day we drink water, juice or tea. And the last one can be your faithful assistant in improving men’s health.We offer three options: Ivan-tea, tea with mint and ginger tea. We have already told you about the benefits of each of them, so you just have to choose which one you like best.

Foods that increase testosterone levels

It is possible to improve male libido by increasing the amount of free testosterone – that same hormone that is responsible for “I want” and “I can”. These are almonds, oysters, spinach, bananas, porridge oats, lemons, salmon, tuna.

Exercises to increase potency

Sedentary work is not only sometimes boring, but it is not always very useful for blood circulation in your sexual organ. Therefore, men working in an office should go in for sports only because it is cool, but also because it is useful for male power. The list of the most useful exercises includes 20-minute runs, biking, squats, barbell lessons, rotation and raising of the pelvis.

Contrast shower

After physical exertion, a contrast shower will not only wash away the sweat but also relieve tension in the muscles. It will also improve blood circulation, so remember the formula – 30 seconds of hot water, 30 – cold. Repeat temperature changes 10 times.

Pay attention to your foot

This is probably unexpected, but the acupressure of the feet helps to improve the work of the whole organism, including your penis. Since running barefoot over grass and pebbles is now somewhat problematic (especially if you don’t want to get pneumonia), do a self-massage or purchase a special massage mat.

Quit bad habits

Yes, they write the word “impotence” on packs of cigarettes for a reason and alcohol REALLY harms male power. There is no conspiracy and brainwashing. When you quit smoking and drinking every weekend, you will definitely increase your potency.

Natural remedies for men’s problems

Magic herb, which will quickly increase a man’s sexual desire, exists only in fairy tales and advertising. But there are several time-tested natural ingredients, the use of which has a beneficial effect on potency: a collection of mint, nettle, St. John’s wort and clover, decoction of celandine, hop, birch buds and yarrow, daikon root, bee submarine or propolis.

Answer the question: “Is your relationship with your partner is fine?”

Since sexual desire is born in the head (and not where you think it is), the problems that you have with your beloved may lead to a decrease in your libido. Quarrel, sudden cooling, loss of confidence or resentment – the reasons that need to be addressed by talking, rather than taking excitatory pills.

Cope with the causes of the problem that live in your head

You should not underestimate the psychological causes of low libido. You will be surprised how diverse are the factors that negatively affect your sex life. Ask yourself honestly why you do not want sex? You do not want it just now? When was the last time you had a similar situation and why? If you cannot find the answer yourself, but you suspect that the problem lies in your subconscious, then you may want to contact a psychologist.

Make sure sex is comfortable

Feeling comfortable during sex is also an important factor in the appearance of desire. We are talking not only about the softness of your bed but also about the lighting, the level of noise, the temperature and your inner comfort – how can you feel excited if you are very hungry or have a devilish toothache?

Change the frequency of sexual intercourse

Too frequent or too rare sex has a direct effect on the level of libido. A lack of sexual activity is kind of self-explanatory, we will explain about “excess” sex. According to some sexologists, problems with getting sexual desire can occur if you have two or three contacts per day. This problem can be solved by reducing the number of sexual acts.

Use smell to increase the desire

Some essential oils can act as aphrodisiacs for men and women. Here is a list of those that will help increase sexual desire: grapefruit, jasmine, ylang-ylang, bergamot, nutmeg, patchouli.

Do not neglect the visit to the doctor

In addition to psychological factors and banal fatigue, a decrease in sexual desire can be one of the symptoms of serious health problems that can be identified and cured only after consulting a specialist. Therefore, if you have problems with urination or feel discomfort in the penis in addition to the loss of sexual desire, then do not google the natural recipes to improve potency – go to the doctor!

Buy pills and aids to increase libido

There are various intimate lubricants and medications (such as Viagra in Canada). They help cope with erectile problems but only if you feel sexually aroused. If a man does not feel attracted to his partner, no pill will help him.

Consult a specialist about therapy

Another very natural reason for a decrease in libido is andropause, which occurs in men over 40 and is caused by hormonal imbalances. This problem is solved by hormone replacement therapy. Your attending physician will tell you about it in detail.

Do not forget about the complex approach!

Increasing libido and potency is quite within your power. The main condition is to come to terms with the fact that it will take time. Also, you need to take a more responsible approach to your health.

Before you say “it does not help me,” try to put any of our tips into the habit and use it for at least a couple of months.