How to Prolong Male Sexual Life and Make Man Act in Any Age Like Young?

Did you know that two out of nine men suffer from erection problems? After 40 years, every third representative of a strong half of mankind has ever experienced impotence or erectile dysfunction (ER). Unfortunately, the older the man, the greater the chances of the disease. It is necessary to take care of your health in time. Erectile dysfunction is only an echo of more complex diseases: heart attack, prostate cancer, liver disease, and diabetes. In addition, poor ecology, poor nutrition, depression, stress and other factors complicate the work of the urinary and reproductive system. However, andrologists believe that every man has good sexual resources for 10–20 women. Humanity still exists due to this potential.

How to Prolong Male Sexual Life and Make Man Act in Any Age Like Young_

Do not hit below the belt

What should men do in order to prolong sexual life and avoid premature erectile dysfunction?

American urologists claim that various diseases can provoke impotence – 60%. Stressful situations, psychological problems and improper behavior of the sexual partner also affect dysfunction – 30%. The remaining 10% of male sexual failures are caused by the wrong diet and lifestyle.

  • Alcoholic beverages. As you know, the use of wine awakens sexual appetite but makes it impossible to perform intercourse. To assimilate an alcoholic drink (even 50 grams), the liver uses the male hormone, transforming it into the female. With frequent processing of testosterone into estrogen, potency decreases, sometimes the chest grows;
  • Smoking. Everyone knows about the dangers of nicotine, we will not go into details. A smoked pack of cigarettes has a negative effect on sexual functionality, sexual desire fades away, the chances of impotence are high. Smokers have sex much less than non-smokers;
  • Drugs. Intake of psychoactive substances adversely affects sexual desire, leads to infertility, impaired erection and impotence. The use of cocaine, marijuana and amphetamine excites a man only at first glance. When the drug gets into the blood, the hormones are disturbed, the sensation of sex is unpleasant;
  • Sedentary lifestyle and driving behind the wheel. Shaking on the road and sedentary work interferes with blood circulation in the genitals, it is fraught with inflammation of the prostate gland. Try to take a break and walk, choose a car with a good suspension and less vibration;
  • Aromatic cosmetics or perfume synthetics. Researches of scientists from Harvard University showed that chemical additives (phthalates) in perfumes, eau de toilette, deodorants, creams, gels, balms, shampoos, can cause erectile dysfunction. Although manufacturers claim that they are safe for health, we recommend choosing organic products;
  • Microwave mobile phones. If you are talking on a smartphone for more than four hours a day, then the quality of sperm will decrease by 30%.

Throughout his life, man produces testosterone. Its peak occurs at thirty years of age. With each subsequent year, the figure is reduced by 1-2%.

Increase sexual potency

Eliminating harmful food additives from your diet, buying Viagra online Canada, adhering to the sport mode and proper nutrition, the man will forget about the problems with reproductive function.

  • Include Mediterranean products in the daily diet: fish, olives, vegetables, fruits, and you will not need Viagra. Such food helps the body to function normally, to produce a sufficient amount of the male hormone testosterone;
  • Dark chocolate, nuts, red berries increase libido, improve blood circulation in the vessels and are involved in the synthesis of the male hormone;
  • Make love more often. Such a good habit is rejuvenating you, this is the conclusion reached by doctors from Scotland. Men who have sex more than three times a week are healthier, more confident and look younger than their peers.

Sexual life can be bright and intense, if you constantly care about your health, listen to the body. If you experience the slightest symptoms of impotence, do not hesitate, consult experts to prevent complications and erectile dysfunction. Be healthy and full of energy!