Sports for Male Potency: Specific Physical Exercises and Contraindications

Every man wants to be sexually strong and fully enjoy life at any age. Sport helps to make the body physically stronger. Sport and potency are interrelated. It has long been proven that professional sport has a negative effect on male power, while non-professional occupations improve potency. You need to choose a middle ground and try to stick to it. Moreover, the male potency is affected not only by exercises associated with the small pelvis and groin area but also by strengthening the cardiovascular system of the body.

Benefits of sports for male potency

Sports for Male Potency

If a man is interested in maximizing potency, he has good reasons to turn his attention to classes in the gym. It is probably impossible to list all the arguments, therefore it is worth noting only the main ones. This is an opportunity to:

  • provide the body with optimal motor activity. The advantage of strength exercises is that they allow you to work the body from various angles, thus engaging the entire muscular system;
  • reach composure. It has been experimentally confirmed that playing sports reduces the level of nervous tension and relieves from stress, which is one of the main sources of intimate problems;
  • increase testosterone levels. Strength training stimulates the active production of endogenous (natural) testosterone (male sex hormone), which indirectly contributes to an increase in male potency;
  • reduce estrogen levels. Exercise simulators lead to a decrease in the layer of subcutaneous fat, the excess of which stimulates the production of estrogen (female sex hormone) and thereby inhibits sexual function;
  • improve blood circulation. Strengthening blood flow during sports indirectly contributes to maintaining a powerful erection and allows you to increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The development of these muscles can significantly enhance orgasm and make lovemaking more prolonged and frequent.

Which sport to choose?

If you have erectile problems, you’d better go jogging, walking or swimming. These sports improve blood flow and help improve sexual function. When playing sports, the level of testosterone (the hormone responsible for potency and sexual desire) rises. One of the most effective ways to restore male power is prevention. It has long been known that it is easier to prevent the disease than to cure it. In addition to jogging and walking, doctors consider the “lying” simulator to be an excellent means of prevention. Exercises on it contribute to increased blood flow to the genitals and train the muscles responsible for potency.

To improve the potency, you can choose fitness. Power gymnastics stimulates the production of testosterone and affects the potency. One of the most effective sports activities is yoga. It includes a special system of food and meditation, which leads to an improvement in potency. So the choice of exercise is quite diverse. It remains only to choose and start to engage.

Kegel exercises were originally developed for women, but recently physicians have found that Kegel training is invaluable for men. In particular, exercise helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs to develop muscles, thereby improving sexual activity. So, do Kegel exercises 30-50 times two or three times a day, and you will notice the difference after a week.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of masculinity and sexual energy. Yoga increases energy and muscle tone, and also helps improve sexual desire. Specific yoga poses, such as the butterfly pose, the cobra pose, etc., are especially useful for enhancing sexual activity. Try to practise yoga at least two hours a week so that the potency difficulties will not affect you.

Professional sport and male potency

Professional athletes are people who have a beautiful trained body, good health. Depending on the need, they train daily, or even two, three times a day. The number and duration of training increases before large competitions. It helps the athlete to win but undermines health. During such periods, sexual desire and potency are significantly reduced. In order to restore potency, a man needs a good rest. Often, athletes use hormone preparations to improve athletic performance. And this is a direct path to impotence.

Harmful sports

Sport strengthens health and makes a strong man courageous. But not all sports are useful with a weakened potency. Chess and car rally can cause erectile dysfunction. Cycling causes a lot of controversies. Cyclists and doctors have different opinions. Scientists argue that a bicycle with a narrow saddle is the most dangerous means for potency. During long workouts, the groin area is compressed, the blood flow in the small pelvis slows down and this leads to sexual disorders. The most famous cyclists say the opposite. All “sedentary” sports automatically add an athlete in the list of patients. Harmful sports for mens’ health include bodybuilding, powerlifting and arm wrestling. Very often, to improve the results, athletes take anabolic steroids, which worsen the production of their own sexual hormone. Potency decreases. Of course, if you stop in time, then the erectile function of the body will be restored. Do not mix sports nutrition and hormones. Bodybuilders use protein powder with a high content of protein, vegetable origin. They have a positive effect on the body.